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Oregon Website Design Supports Local Renewable Energy

Looking for a professional local Portland Web Design company to build a website that is fast loading and easy for your customers to navigate and at the same time effective and profitable for your business?

Understanding that unique companies require unique business solutions, the Web Designers at Oregon Web Site Design of Portland, through 15 + years of experience in web development, Internet business systems, web application development and design, create and implement solutions based on your company's unique vision and needs.

Oregon Website Design & Development (OWDD) is locally owned and operated. Read More....

NOTE: A portion of every dollar you spend with Oregon Website Design is donated to several charities and Non-profit Organizations! View the List of Organizations we regularly donate to.

Choose the option which best describes your current hosting or website situation.

  1. We would like to get our new business on the Internet today! We need:
    1. Domain Registration
    2. Web hosting with Email
    3. Business card style home page
    4. Contact Us

  2. We have a domain name registered and web hosting and:
    1. need a new web site designed and developed
    2. need to further develop our existing web site
    3. need someone to manage and maintain our current web site
    4. Contact Us

  3. We have an existing website and need to:
    1. add a mobile website to it
    2. completely redesign and rebuid it to be mobile optimized
    3. have someone take over managing it
    4. Contact Us

  4. Rescue Us ! We hired a cheap web site company or an Internet whiz kid and they:
    1. disappeared leaving our site unfinished and/or not working
    2. refuse to give us access to the site
    3. keep coming up with hidden fees
    4. have become really difficult to work with
    5. Contact Us

  5. Rescue Our Domain Name ! Our domain name is registered with a company that:
    1. is located in another country and we were not aware of this until now
    2. refuses to give us access to manage our domain name
    3. refuses to let us transfer our name
    4. Contact Us

  6. We have a unique business process and would like to discuss:
    1. creating a custom web application
    2. creating a custom Intranet application
    3. modifying an existing application
    4. installing, configuring and modifying an existing Open Source application for our business needs
    5. Contact Us

  7. We found out that our cheap web hosting provider is located in a foreign country and they:
    1. sending spam to our clients
    2. sold all of our web site client's personal information to spammers
    3. are holding our domain name hostage to force us to keep hosting with them
    4. had an employee steal all of our client's personal information and credit card numbers
    5. Contact Us